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How to get verified on social media (Blue check)

In this guide we will cover the most common ways how to get verified on social media, so talking including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and others.

The blue check is often used on celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, and many other people that often get impersonated by fake/fan accounts.

This was the original intention of having a blue check (and still is like that, the social media platforms say), however, nowadays it is often used as a flex or form of social proof for entrepreneurs, influencers, models, young musicians, and anyone in the industry trying to make it.

Basics of Social Media Verification

There are some basics that all the listed social media platforms do want to see/need in order to verify you.

Generally speaking, you need:

– Good engagement on the account you are trying to verify

– At least 5-10 articles/news/press about yourself in reputable outlets (Those are often outlets that are also already verified business accounts on the respective social media channel)

you cant use random small blogs for that or African/Indian outlets if you are USA/Europe based (only if it suits your brand/you)

-Google/Search visibility like having a Google Panel, a Wikipedia Page or an IMDB profile will help you big time to get verified because it does show your relevance in google to them.

Note: If you are already verified on TikTok and request verification on Instagram for example, make sure to mention your verified TikTok account, because this does show your relevance and based on experience does speed up the process.

Keep in mind that most of the time (not always) there is still a human being checking your details, so try to make it look attractive/high-end.

Get Verified on Social Media – Instagram verification

In most cases, it is super simple nowadays to request verifications on Instagram.

Just go to your settings -> profile settings -> request verification and then enter the following details:

– Name

-Upload pictures of your ID to the Instagram form (they prove you are really the one trying to claim the verification)

-Links to Media/News outlets and articles about you or other relevant social media accounts

After you have done that, you will get a notification on if they decided to accept you or deny your application (if they did deny, you have to wait a certain time after you can reapply again, this will be shown individually)

Special verification cases:

Musician Verification

Usually, they only need like 5-10 Songs published on major platforms like Spotify and 1-2 PR articles to get verified on Instagram, that is the reason why you have so many small DJs and rappers with a blue check (which is often only used for reputation/social proof)

Athlete verification

Their history at competitions and tv broadcasts usually are more than enough for verifications, since those naturally generate a lot of small local News/Press and “results lists” on websites which help to prove your relevance as an athlete to get verified on your social media/ Instagram

So in general speaking, to get a musician or an athlete verified does usually cost you way less than to verify an entrepreneur for example.

Get Verified on Social Media – Facebook verification

To process to get verified on Facebook is very similar to Instagram, which obviously is because they are both owned by the parent company “Meta”.

But being verified on Instagram does not automatically verify you on Facebook, this is why we do cover this topic as well.

So if on the app it does work super similar to the Instagram verification, to get verified on Facebook go to:

Your page/profile settings -> profile/account settings -> request verification

As on Instagram, enter your personal details, and relevant links to news outlets/coverage about you, and then submit and wait for feedback from Facebook/meta

Tiktok verification (Blue check)

There are many younger creators and influencer which aim and dream of the blue check/verification on TikTok.

Until now (2022) you could only get verified by meeting the criteria and get selected by the TikTok team

However, to get verified on TikTok was and still is quite tricky because those are the criteria they check when considering an account for verification:

  • Permanent daily follower growth: Accounts that are consistently gaining between around 500–2,000 followers each day
  • Rising watch time: Accounts that are getting more and more views and watch time (Higher user retention)
  • Media & News coverage: Accounts of users who are featured in prominent and respected media platforms, such as newspapers, TV shows, magazines, Interviews, Podcasts, or other relevant events.
  • Consistently viral content: Accounts that are putting out content that consistently goes viral
  • Verified accounts on other social media platforms: Social media accounts of users who are already verified on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Being verified on other Social Media accounts often is recommended/crucial here (We are able to help you, even if not)

Tiktok verification

In comparison, getting verified on TikTok with press and direct employee contact verification is the cheapest while comparing all those social media platforms (Min. 3x cheaper than Twitter, min. 2x cheaper than Instagram verification)

Twitter verification (Blue check)

Twitter seems to work a bit different in those days, it looks like there might be some automatic processes checking the verification (besides some of the employees still doing verification by hand – contact us if you need that to speed up and guarantee your process)

But in general, it does work like all other social media verifications, you do need a certain amount of relevant media coverage about yourself or your business in order to get a verified account.

Especially on Twitter, it is important, that the outlets that write about you have verified Twitter pages themselves because this does make them trusted by Twitter.

Also, it should be noted that Twitter-like most other Social Media platforms will not count the media/press if it is clearly visible as “paid” or as any form of ad/advertorial – this is why to goal is to get organic-looking articles done (We do help you with that).

So how does this work on Twitter?

You go to Settings -> Your profile -> Account Information -> Verification request

Then you scroll down and click apply now.

Now you are going to choose the category which does relate the most to your account, now enter all the requested details with Name, Links, and more.

Twitter verification

With the recent talks about Elon Musk buying Twitter, this process might change hugely in the future though since Elon mentions “verify all real humans”. But until this did not go through the process is and will be like that.

Social Media Verification via platform employees or agencies

There is also a big trend of paying social media agencies or employees of the social media accounts to get verified (Even some past alleged scandals of models sleeping with Instagram employees to get their accounts unbanned).

This doesn’t sound unusual to us, since we do know with some Agency accounts (on Facebook or Instagram for example) you have a special panel for verifications as well for account unban requests, so many people who do have this option do monetize it.

There are many major social account & service trading platforms, which are selling blue checks on a daily basis with agency accounts or employee contacts.

Based on our past experience we can provide you with direct options which speed up or even guarantee you those options with a money-back guarantee – just contact us.

Gray sides of the Market/Scammers

We should note that sadly there are many people fully faking this and scamming people as well as other agencies with super low success rates, so you should be super careful whom to work with here.

Also if you go against any of their TOS the social media platforms always have the right to take away your blue check if they see that you did something wrong or if they did discover you did something shady to obtain the verification.

This is why it is advisable to only work with reputable partners in terms of press and verification, Beastfluence GmbH is one of the main market leaders for that.

Social Media Business Account Verification

If you do want to get your company profile/social media page verified, to improve the trust in your brand (social proof especially here) even more you can try to get a verified social media account which can directly result in higher revenue.

This is usually done the standard way, but most of the time a bit more time and cost extensive/expensive than a verification for an individual.

You usually do need some more/higher trusted media outlets writing about you and even better visibility online (google and general web)

Having a verified account on a different platform also helps here big time.

Tips for verification and tips for verified accounts

Be careful that changing your username can result in losing your verification.

A blue check does not protect you from getting banned because you go against TOS or similar, so be careful (In case you do, we also do offer account recovery options via employees as well)

We as a marketing agency also do offer you help with the needed Press articles, Account engagement/growth, and your visibility as well as verification itself.

We work together with amazing news outlets which massively help you to get verified (on some platforms we can even guarantee verifications due to connections)

Just contact us for further details, Beastfluence will be glad to help you out with your marketing needs.

We hope we were able to show you the best ways and give some extra information on how to get verified on social media 2022.

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